Why Choose a Digital Marketing Career in 2024?

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Career opportunities in the world of Digital Marketing Era

With the internet expanding its wings across the globe, people have taken the website the way to make their presence in the online. While people regularly rely on the internet to help them find and stay updated with various products and services offered, business and organizations today are heavily dependent on the internet to reach people. This is enough reason to motivate individuals as well as business to launch their own, informational, educational and fast loading sites, so they jump into the world of internet and start digital marketing.

While browsing the social media sites or Google for that matter, we see a lot of Ads nowadays. Attractive web banner ads, video campaigns, mobile apps promotions, informative blog posts are quite common while browsing the net. All these are nothing but different methods and strategies of digital marketing.

Why one must choose Digital Marketing as a Career

Today, the line between “digital marketing” and “marketing” is fading. They are no more different but are similar to each other. With striking features like cost-effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, convenience, effectiveness, Digital Marketing is making a substantial impact in the world of Marketing and Advertising.

According to a Study made by Direct Marketing Association, Digital Marketing Industry is worth $62 billion! Also, according to eMarketer, advertising via mobile phones and tablets rose 180 percent, to $4 billion. This market is estimated to touch $7.2 billion soon. This rise is leading to the high demand for professionals skilled in Digital Marketing.

These are the statistics from around the world. Coming to India, as per reports from CMO council, the most significant beneficiary of advertising spent was digital advertising. And this was expected to grow by 35%, and the current results are already showing that we will reach that benchmark.

One must choose a digital marketing as a career option because we can be a tension free from coding and it is not necessary to have a technical knowledge too and every individual should know that there would be no marketing and sales target, just we need to the understand the user behaviour on our website and we should try to deliver the user pattern information. The end goal of digital marketing is to create a brand awareness and search/online visibility.

Take any startup today – digital marketing is empowering them to compete against bigger, conventional players at a far lower cost. Large organisations across IT, healthcare, hospitality etc. are also realising the power of digital marketing to engage and nurture customers for branding, referrals and customer retention. Small companies have also jumped on the bandwagon with tools like WhatsApp using them for sales and promotional offers.

There is a huge skill gap when coming to digital marketers today. The massive gap between demand and supply of digital marketers is also of concern. Digital marketing or social media as a marketing subject is not covered extensively(if included at all) in most MBA classes. How does a new marketer master the platform that is reaping the rewards all over the world?

However, most business owners are still under the impression that starting a website brings automatically drive leads to their business. But, they have to understand that the brand reputation and appealing online presence is critical to achieving marketing goals. An attractive, user-friendly and SEO website helps you in getting more visitors,

Scope to your career growth with Digital Marketing institutes

Here is where the digital marketing training institutes come in. Digital marketing institutes provide hands-on training about the various aspects of digital marketing and help individuals take up responsibilities with gusto. With the growing popularity of digital marketing, career opportunities in the field to have increased. Aspirants can choose digital marketing right after completing their 12th standard education. Digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad have been on the rise, but not many are aware of the field and its career opportunities. There are several job roles in the area of digital marketing. Aspirants can choose from a variety of job roles and responsibilities which interest them the most. The following are some of them.

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • PPC Search Executive
  • Social Media Executive
  • SEO Expert/Executive
  • Online PR Specialist

The various channels in digital marketing are:

  • Search (Google, Bing etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – organic way to get your website listed in search engines
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Pay-per-click (PPC), display ads, Google Adwords, remarketing etc.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) – could be free and paid. Paid ads include Facebook ads, Twitter ads etc.
  • Content Marketing – Content is not a channel, but the content is what goes into your promotional blogs, website, social media channels, ads etc.
  • Email marketing – organically build email lists
  • Web Analytics – Google Analytics, insights, demographics, etc.

Digital Marketing can be your best career choice

Digital marketing is a well-paying career to choose. However, it is quite essential that you get enrolled in a good institute to become a digital marketing expert. There are a lot of good digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad, always research for the courses offered and the experience of the instructors before joining an institute. Look for an institute that helps you learn the vital components of Digital Marketing. The institute should help you determine these concepts and their techniques practically.

With an increase in digital marketing firms in India, especially Hyderabad, digital marketing training institutes in Hyderabad are also on the rise. Digital marketing training courses in Hyderabad aim to empower and enable young professionals to be ready for the dynamic world of digital marketing. Imparting the right kind of knowledge and training which help in skill development is the aim of digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad.

Digital Marketing Training can be opted by anyone:

To become an expertise in Digital Marketing you need not to have any professional degree. A person of any age group, of any background or of any industry can undertake this training. He/she should just know how to use a laptop or a computer to browse the internet.

  1. Graduate students who are interested in online marketing.
  2. Industry professionals who want to upgrade their learning.
  3. Business owners who want to sell their product or service online.
  4. Housewives who wish to make money online.

Digital Marketing is a booming and growing domain

Guys and Girls, let’s face it. The reason you are even reading this thought on why a career in digital marketing is because digital marketing is a booming and growing field. Digital Marketing as a career is the most promising, exciting and growth worthy profession. However, all of this comes at a cost. The cost that digital marketing as a domain changes very rapidly. Hence, you have to change and evolve continuously. That means that regularly reading, learning new methods, strategies etc. from various sources to be fit to be in the field of digital marketing. I must say that you are on the right path to having a promising and fulfilling career if you choose digital marketing as a career option. Having a digital marketing training and certification course is very necessary for today’s era.

For sound knowledge and successful career in digital marketing, get trained at Digital Vignan.

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